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Youssef and Kristie at Sibley Park, Mankato Minnesota

Picture this: Sibley Park in Mankato, Minnesota: It's the perfect backdrop for an afternoon filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of magic.

The star of the show? None other than Youssef, decked out in his cap and gown, radiating that post-grad glow after snagging his Master's from Minnesota State University. But here's where it gets even sweeter – his partner in crime, Kristie, is right there beside him, adding an extra dose of sunshine to the mix.

Their story? Let's just say it's straight out of a rom-com. Friends who fell in love! They've navigated the twists and turns of love, even when hundred of miles apart.

As we wandered through the park, camera in hand, it felt like we were chasing sunlight and laughter. Youssef and Kristie? They're the stars of the show, twirling amidst the trees, stealing kisses in between shots, and just soaking up every moment like it's golden (because it totally is).

So here's to Youssef and Kristie – to chasing sunlit dreams and making memories that shine brighter than any sunset. Until next time, keep spreading those rays of love wherever you go!

With sunshine & smiles,

Sarah with an H

girl putting graduation cap on boy minnesota state university sibley park
couple at sibley park graduation minnesota state
couple sibley park graduation mankato
couple at sibley park mankato minnesota
couple at sibley park mankato minnesota
couple at sibley park mankato minnesota bench under tree
graduate under tree sibley park mankato minnesota

Are you getting ready to graduate? Perhaps your big day is coming up at Minnesota State University! Click HERE to learn more about scheduling your cap and gown session.


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